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You’ve developed language during Start Talking and Deepen the Conversation, and now you and your children have come to understand your own world views; your views may differ from your children’s but you each respect each other and your opinions. Now the question becomes: How do we act in accordance with our values when issues surface?

To take action, you can turn lessons or values into activities your whole family can participate in, such as a jar of compliments, for which you don’t need instruction or curriculum. In this section, titled Take Action, the activities are designed to build healthy relationships, communication, and sexuality in a cyclical way to keep those conversations going.

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“I have come to believe that in order to thrive, a child must have at least one adult in her life who shows her unconditional love, respect, and confidence.” Sonia Sotomayor, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, My Beloved World (2013).

Take Action On Healthy Communication
Take Action On Healthy Relationships
Take Action On Healthy Sexuality