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Healthy Communication

Clear, open, honest, and frequent communication is a basic characteristic of a strong, healthy family.  Anytime is a good time to improve communication within the family. Open communication is critical to being able to talk about the “big stuff.”

By listening patiently, you allow your children to think and prepare at their own pace and you let them know they are worthy of your time.

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Healthy Relationships

Whether with friends, at work, in families, or in intimate relationships, healthy relationships are based on mutual respect, trust, honesty, support, fairness, equality, separate identities, and good communication.

Healthy family relationships prepare children to cultivate healthy relationships with people outside their families, throughout the course of their lives.

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Healthy Sexuality

Sexuality—from gender norms to sensuality—is not just about biology (body parts, sex, or reproduction). Creating opportunities to discuss healthy sexuality can help children develop self-esteem and the values needed to make healthy decisions. Parents and adult caregivers have a wealth of opportunities to talk with children about sexuality, and to make these conversations part of everyday life.

The strategy is simple: tell the truth, that is, that sex and sexuality are pleasures as well as responsibilities.

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