Our community says NO MÁS

Campaign materials

​The NO MÁS campaign includes a variety of tools that open for use and distribution.

We would love to hear how you use these campaign materials! Tag us on Twitter using the hashtag #WeSayNoMas and use our handle @WeSayNoMas!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM)

Check back each week for more information and materials to use for your communications. Contact us with any questions at info@esperanzaunited.org.

Week 1: Social media toolkit

Download our Week 1 SAAM toolkit PDF guide

Download SAAM Week 1 Campaign in Spanish

Don’t concentrate on “disasters” about sex (sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, or violence). Start a conversation by staying positive. #SAAM

Week 2: Social media toolkit

Download SAAM Week 2 Campaign in Spanish.

When babies discover their bodies, they also learn what feels good. We need to remember to take off the “adult glasses” and not overreact to children’s early genital exploration. #SAAM

Conversations with your children that combine responsibility, healthy decision-making, and values with the positive and pleasurable aspects of developing relationships will support their maturation and healthy sexual development. #SAAM

Using proper terminology helps do away with the idea that our bodies and sexuality are shameful, embarrassing, or bad. #SAAMWeek

Week 3: Social media toolkit

Download our Week 3 SAAM toolkit PDF guide.

Download SAAM Week 3 Campaign in English, including video.

Download SAAM Week 3 Campaign in Spanish, including video.

The video included in this week’s toolkit encourages parents to check in with your older children. You can reassure young people experiencing dramatic changes by letting them know these changes are normal. #SAAM

If the child is touching his or her genitals in public, make sure your child is aware of the behavior, help them identify “public” and “private” spaces. #SAAM

Talk to all young people about the range of subjects included in sexual health #SAAM

Talk about abstinence AND safer sex #SAAM

It’s possible to teach even young children about consent. Doing so not only reinforces your messages, it will help them become young people who value and practice consensual sexual relations. #SAAM

To have honest and insightful conversations with your children about healthy sexuality, first educate yourself so you can answer appropriately the inevitable string of questions they will have. #SAAM

We say NO MÁS PSAs

If you want a copy of the We say NO MÁS PSA to air on your local radio or TV stations (in English or Spanish), please contact us at info@esperanzaunited.org.

NO MÁS brand guidelines

Style guide: Learn the best ways to incorporate the NO Mas brand into your communications. 

Handheld signs (English): Print these, fill in the blank, and use them for your social media efforts and at events! Download the Spanish version.