Te Invito: Why

While the number of studies examining domestic violence (DV) in Latin@ populations is growing, research on this issue continues to be limited in both quality and breadth. The various strategies used by researchers to collect data (e.g., phone vs. in-person surveys), the specific questions asked (e.g., number of acts of physical violence vs. the context of the violence), and the social/community conditions where the study is conducted (e.g., new immigration laws) all impact the results of the study.

Te Invito: How

One thing we learned as an organization that works to engage Latin@ community members to end domestic violence is that HOW you approach the work matters just as much as what you do. Demonstrating cultural awareness and a willingness to listen to community and respond accordingly are also key elements to successful community engagement strategies. This section explores some key cultural considerations for engaging Latin@ communities and provides practical examples of how cultural values can be integrated into your work.

Te Invito: Tools and Materials

The materials included in this section have been selected for this toolkit as examples and resources for you and your work for a few important reasons:

  • The materials and resources included here represent engagement strategies that have been documented to work well with Latino men;
  • The majority of these materials were developed by Latino men, for Latino men and
  • The materials are representative of the diversity and strengths of our Latin@ communities.

Te Invito: What To Do

Why get involved? This section offers answers to another important question: What can Latino men do as individuals to help end violence against women and girls?

Te Invito is a campaign for individuals and organizations to increase awareness and engage Latino men and boys in preventing domestic violence. See the Te Invito videos here